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Explore how StriX SAR data empowers the world with reliable, significant, and broad-ranging information.

Creating a
Learning World

We aim for a world where people are empowered through new data and technologies to maximize their capabilities and make tangible progress toward a more sustainable future.

Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM)

Analysis of ground risks through millimeter-scale surface change monitoring using SAR satellites.


极速赛车168开奖网址 provides SAR data and remote monitoring services to government agencies and companies worldwide. We also provide SAR data from our satellites to data analysis companies developing their own data products and solutions. Together, a SAR data ecosystem is taking shape that will transform how we as humans manage our environment, natural resources, and exposure to risk.


Our small 100kg class SAR satellites can monitor the world with high precision, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. With 3 satellites successfully launched, we aim to build a constellation of 30 satellites that will enable near real-time observation of any part of the world.

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