Information Security Policy

Synspective Co., Ltd. (“our company” or “we”) has its business activities to utilize our remote sensing technology as a technology that contributes to social infrastructure for the public in general and customers.

We believe that ensuring information security, including compliance with laws and meeting customer requirements, is one of the most important issues in conducting normal and smooth business activities. As a principle for protection of customerʼs confidential data, personal information and our companyʼs information asset, we have formulated an information security basic policy that will be executed and promoted as follows.

  1. This basic policy covers “information assets” handled by our company as well as all executives and employees and sub-contract company employees. Information assets
  2. are information, data and information systems, networks, and facilities that are deposited, owned, and managed by our company.
  3. We will comply with security requirements such as regulations and contracts concluded with customers and external interested parties, including laws related to remote sensing related to information security.
  4. Identify risks that affect business in handling information, understand the possibility and degree of occurrence of such risks, strive to properly manage information, and to ensure that ISMS contributes to business, we set information security objectives and promote activities to achieve them.
  5. We will educate all executives and employees within the scope and employees of affiliated companies about the importance of this policy and the appropriate management of information.
  6. Based on establishing an information security management system compliant with JIS
  7. Q27001: 2013, we will establish and operate a promotion system, control the operational status and continuously maintain and improve this management system.
  8. We will prevent accidents and incidents related to information security, and if an accident or incident occurs, we will promptly report the events and take emergency measures as necessary and take appropriate recurrence prevention measures after analyzing the cause.

We will regularly review all of the above initiatives and make continuous improvements.

Synspective Co, Ltd.
CEO Dr. Motoyuki ARAI
Establishment: Jun/30/2019